Kailash Manasarovar Yatra FAQs

a. Nepal: A decent up to 05star accommodation available in Nepal except Simikot and Hilsa, in Simikot and Hilsa you will get comfortable stay in Guest House or Dormitories.
b. Tibet: The accommodation in Tibet is very basic and limit. However, at some places such as Taklakot and Darchen you will get a decent star category hotel stay.

a. Nepal: A/C vehicles are available throughout the Nepal except some remote places.
b. Tibet: A/C vehicles are not required in Tibet region, however we will give you luxury bus service in Tibet.

a. The Chinese visa is a group Visa paper based.

b. First of all we need your passport copies by email to apply for Tibet Travel Permit (required by Chinese government).

c. We will get Tibet permit  before 1 month of departure date. After that we need your original passport for Group Visa processing:

i. Indian Nationality: You have to send your original passport to our Delhi agent for Visa processing

ii.  Foreign Nationals: You have to send your COLOR copies of passport by e-mail for Visa processing. You will get group paper visa.

d. After you get group Chinese Visa, we will send your passport back to you

e. Therefore, since it takes time, we suggest our Yatris to book as early as possible, so that your yatra can be begin in your desired departure date.

f. If you already have Chinese Visa: After you arrive in Kathmandu, you will apply for the Chinese Group Visa to enter Tibet and the Chinese Embassy will cancel your current Chinese Visa and give you the Group Visa.

There will one Sherpa for every 4-5 persons and Our group size is minimum 17 and 25 persons. We can organize your own departure date if your group have more than 40 persons.

Minimum 10-year- old and maximum 70-year- old passenger can easily travel to Mount Kailash.

Some of Indian mobile operator such as Airtel post-paid with the international roaming plan will work in Tibet or you can buy a local Chinese sim card from Taklakot or Keyrong and easily contact your friends and family because almost throughout your yatra Chinese sim works with internet facilities.

According to Hindu beliefs, Lord Shiva and Parvati Mansarovar come to take bath in the Holy Lake Mansarovar at Purnima night (full moon night). It is believed that the yatri's who opt the full moon departure they can get the full opportunity of getting the darshan of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati at full moon night from Lake Mansarovar.

Obviously, you require woollen cloths for your Yatra to Holy Mount Kailash. For Nepal part such as Kathmandu and Nepalgunj the weather is hot during May to Sep but in Tibet and hilly areas of Nepal such as Simikot and Hilsa the weather condition is always cold.

All meals such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and day time tea snacks included in your package we will serve you only pure veg. food throughout the trip.

We require a medical certificate duly signed by the MBBS doctor. Which is include blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG and blood group we require all these medical reports before you participate in your yatra to Holy Mount Kailash.