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Kailash Yatra Blogs 2018

Many reasons for you to embark in this Spiritual Journey.


Eros Trips Announces Subsidy of Rs. 10,000 for Kailash Yatra

17 Jan 2018

Kailash Mansarovar Yatra an initiative of Eros Trips (A unit of 24Seven Experts) announced a financial grant (subsidy) of Rs. 10,000 per person for pilgrims who want to join or participate in Kailash Yatra 2018. All the yatri’s who wish to participate in this holies pilgrimage “The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra” should be heathy and fit (physically and mentally), 15 days before the departure date the copy of medical reports by every passenger / pilgrims must be submitted through courier or e-mail in our New Delhi based headquarters. The medical includes latest records or reports of you blood pressure, blood sugar, ECG and blood group.

Note: Subsidy announced by the authorities valid for only senior citizens (above 50 age as per valid ID proof) and for the bookings made till 16 th March 2018.

Finally, Kailash Yatra by bus route is open.

17 Jan 2018

Great news for all Kailash yatri’s who wish to spent some precious moments of their lifetime by participating in the word’s most sacred Yatra “The Kailash Mansarovar Yatra” – home of Abode Lord Shiva.

Pursuant to local authorities of Tibet, China and our reliable source in Nepal the overland route via Keyrong border of Kailash Mansarovar Yatra has opened, as said by our local sources the overland route is less unpredictable as compare to helicopter yatra because this route is less dependent on weather conditions as there will be no flights and helicopter trip included in this route

Note: Please note so far, we have not yet received any written notice and circular from the Chinese authorities. However, according to some of our reliable sources, the information that we have received is 99.9% correct. It may be possible that due to some unanticipated reasons such as political, weather or any reason beyond our control the Chinese authorities may change their decision or overturn by the statement given by them

Kailash overland yatra by Bus / Jeep

20 Dec 2017

The most popular, easy way for Kailash Yatra and Important as Nepal – China trade route, Kodari boarder had a very important role in Kailash Manasarovar yatra untill 2015 earthquake in Nepal. That time before the massive earthquake in Nepal passengers can easily complete their yatra to the home of Abode lord Shiva through Kodari border in 13 days with the cost of INR 85000 per person. The Kodari border essentially closed because numerous landslides and boulders coming down after the earthquake in 2015.

Thousands of devotees awaiting for opening of this overland since 2015, in between according to sources and local authorities many times the news came out that finally China open this route for Kailash Yatra but unfortunately all those news was just rumors. We all were eagerly waited for the opening of overland trip, but now it is probably going to be open in 2017 because since the Kodari border is closed China announced Keyrong as a new trade route for Nepal and China. As per the information given by CIPSC (China India Pilgrimage Service Centre) China allowed some foreign nations to visit Kailash from Keyrong border recently (The Kailash Mansarovar overland Yatra).

The latest update for Kailash Yatra by bus (Kailash overland yatra): Departures and cost (INR 120,000 per person) for Kailash yatra by bus package as been already finalized. Now, passengers can easily book their Kailash Yatra by depositing INR 15,000 per person as an initial deposit amount along with scan copy of passport and registration form.

For any further information or clarification visit us at Kailash Yatra by bus, you may please feel free contact us +919717722449 /

Spirituality of Mount Kailash

11 Dec 2017

Every year thousands for yatri’s / pilgrims travel to mount kailash through Nepal. There are many powerful places and temples in the world but after visiting The home of almighty Lord Shiva the way you feel your internal strength and get to know about yourself it’s just amazing because this pilgrimage to holy Mount Kailash absolutely beyond belief for every pilgrim in terms of experience. In this holy pilgrimage you can enhance soul and state of mind to another level in terms of things you going to see and feel over there. It’s not a question, belief or faith why you travel to Holy Mount Kailash it is just to compare what you normally live in.

Why Mount Kailash is sacred?

02 Dec 2017

The Holy Mount Kailash is known as the home of Almighty Lord Shiva in Hinduism, Mount Kailash is also important pilgrimage for Jainism, Buddhists, Bon of Tibetan region. If you would like to enhance your spiritual being and need help, so that we recommend you to travel to Holy Mount Kailash at least once in a lifetime. The perception of life you will get after reaching the holy land, you might take a little time to understand and grasp it but it is really helpful to heel your soul and state of mind. Nowadays It is very easy and possible for everyone to embark in this holy pilgrimage and help yourself to develop further with his blessings. According to the faith Mount Kailash is land of Gods, there is not belief of one religion, there are four major religions are connected with this holy place. Everyone has a different belief. We hope, now you don’t have to think much before participating in this once in a Lifetime Journey “The Kailash Manasarovar Yatra” A key examination of your life.